Hajj and Umrah Gift Ideas for the Pilgrimage

Hajj and Umrah are such pilgrimages that purify the souls of Muslims. Those people who get the chance to perform these pilgrimages in their lives are really lucky. However, there are many people in this world who cannot unfortunately perform this pilgrimage is because of lack of funds. What you can do for those people is that you can bring some gifts from that Holy land. They will really feel the pleasure to get those special gifts.
Unique gift ideas for The Pilgrimage:
Here are a few unique gift ideas for The Pilgrimage:
Zamzam water:
The most common thing that most of the pilgrims bring from there is Zam Zam water. This water is considered blessed and that’s why pilgrims give it as a gift to their relatives, friends and family members. Zamzam water is also called Wonder water and the reason behind it is that this water came into existence because of a miracle when and infant Ismail (A.S) cried by thirst.
Dates of Saudi Arabia are famous throughout the world. Not only these are very tasty but Makkah’s dates are considered very special by the Muslims. The most common type of date that pilgrims bring as gift is Ajwa. This state is of great importance in Islam as Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) planted this date by himself. It is believed that this date cures many diseases and it treats many health problems.
Tasbih is such an item that is found everywhere in the world but those that are brought for Mecca and Madinah are given great value by the friends and relatives home you give it as a gift. Tasbih can be found in different shapes and sizes. What a beautiful gift it would be for your friends and relatives!
Prayer mat:
You will have noticed that most of the pilgrims bring prayer mats from there as a gift for their friends and family members. This gift is really liked by the Muslims. Prayer mats are available in different designs and in different stuff.
It is a non-alcoholic perfume and it is of great importance in Islam. It is because of the reason that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to spray it on his body and encouraged the uses of Itar for all the Muslims. Usually, men wear Itar on different agents and especially before going for Eid-e-Jumma.
Saudi abayas are famous throughout the world. When you will go for the Umrah or Hajj, you can bring Abaya for the ladies. There are different designs available in Saudi Arabia and I believe that the ladies will really like this gift the most. It is up to you whether you will buy simple abayas or the ones with heavy embroidery. Even abayas are available in different colors. You can buy these gifts for your friends and family members on the basis of your budget. The more money you will be having in your pocket for gifts, more precious gift you will be able to buy.
You must choose cheap Umrah packages 2020 so that you will be able to save the money and to use that money for the gifts for your family members.

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